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Nintendo issues warning for the upcoming 3DS

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[[File:Nintendo 3DS Red.png|thumb|right|200px|The 3DS, in red.]]
A statement released by {{bp|Nintendo}} suggests that the company has doubts over the safety of one of its consoles for younger audiences.
The upcoming {{bp|Nintendo 3DS|3DS}} is suggested to be operated by players aged seven years or older when the console is functioning in its 3D mode. Younger players can still use the console in the standard 2D mode, with parental controls being able to further insure this.
The alleged health issues stem from the console's use of 3D technology. Unlike the 3D projectors used in many modern cinemas for films such as {{wp|James Cameron}}'s ''{{wp|Avatar (film)|Avatar}}'', the 3DS's parallax barrier innovation does not require 3D glasses to be worn. Nintendo suggests that this technology may harm the eyesight of young children.
Nintendo currently issues standard health risk information with its games and consoles, such as prolonged exposure may cause headaches.
The 3DS will be released worldwide starting in 2011., Thiswith willthe followJapanese arelease serieson ofFebruary free26 trials.and Theseother beginmajor inregions Japansometime on 8March. Although some Nintendo franchises are already marketing some games playable in 3D, no upcoming 3D Pokémon games have been announced.
First revealed in June 2010, the 3DS is the fifth ingeneration theof DSNintendo's range ofhandheld consoles. The {{bp|Nintendo DS|previous four incarnationsgeneration}} have sold a collective three135 million units in the six years they have been on the market.
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