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New manga to serialize in Shonen Sunday

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Fliers and posters that were distributed at the "Jisedai World Hobby Fair Winter 2011" have announced that a new {{bp|Pokémon}} manga is to start serialization in {{bp|Shogakukan}}'s {{wp|Weekly Shōnen Sunday|"Weekly Shōnen Sunday"}} in Japan. This manga was announced as more mature than previous titles, '''aiming at the older audience.''' Previous Pokémon manga, such as {{bp|Pokémon Adventures}} ran in Shogakukan's Monthly {{bp|CoroCoro Comics}}, aiming to a younger audience.
Some of the titles that ran in Shōnen Sunday include ''{{wp|The World God Only Knows}}'', ''{{wp|Detective Conan}}'' (known as ''Case Closed'' outsidein ofEnglish Japanspeaking countries), ''{{wp|Hayate the Combat Butler}}'' and ''{{wp|InuYasha}}''.
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