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Various manga release dates announced for 2011

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Today, the Shōgakukan website had posted the release dates for two manga series. The first release date is the 38th volume of 「ポケットモンスター☆SPECIAL」''{{bp|Pokémon Adventures|Pocket Monsters Special}}''. It will be released in Japan on Feb. 25 for the price of ¥490 (about USD 6.03). The book's ISBN is [[Special:BookSources/9784091412089|9784091412089]]. Volume 38 continues the {{bp|Diamond and & Pearl chapter (Adventures)|Diamond and & Pearl chapter}} of the manga.
Also announced was the second and third volume of 「ポケモントライアドベンチャー」 ''Pokémon Tri-Try Adventure''. Both volumes will be released on Feb. 28 in Japan at a price of ¥500 (about USD 6.17). The volume two's ISBN is [[Special:BookSources/9784091412195|9784091412195]], and volume three's ISBN is [[Special:BookSources/9784091412201|9784091412201]].
In addition to current releases, the second volume of the {{wp|Pocket Monsters HGSS (manga)|Pocket Monsters HGSS}} manga, will come out on January 28th [[Shogakukan announces Pocket Monsters HGSS manga release date|as was previously reported on Bulbanews]].