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New anime season to start with DP105

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blurb=According to's online listings, DP104 will be the last episode of the season "Battle Dimension", with DP105 starting season 12. The next season will be titled Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battle. }}
'''See below for update'''
[[File:Pokémon Diamond & Pearl- Battle Dimension logo.png|thumb|Season 11 logo]]
According to's online listings, the episode ''{{bp|DP104|Sleepless in Pre-Battle!}}'' will be the last episode of the {{bp|Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension|season ''Battle Dimension''}}, with {{bp|DP105}} starting season 12. No title for either the next season or DP105 has been announced.
= Update =
[[File:Rotom479Rotom forms.PNGpng|thumb|Rotom and its forms]]
The schedule of shows on {{bp|Cartoon Network}}'s official site has recently revealed the titles for the {{bp|Season 12|twelfth season}} of the {{bp|Pokémon anime}}, as well as the title of the {{bp|DP105|season's first episode}}. The new season will be called ''Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battle''. The season's first episode will be the 105th episode of the {{bp|Diamond & Pearl series|''Diamond & Pearl'' series}}. It will be entitled ''Get Your Rotom Running!'' and it will air on May 9 in North America.