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Toys "R" Us to distribute Ash's Pikachu

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tagline=Distribution to last Jan. 30 through Feb. 513 in the U.S.; Feb. 9 to 20 in Canada |
blurb=Toys "R" has announced that participating stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada will distribute an in-game representation of {{bp|Ash's Pikachu}}. fromThe Jan.distribution 30in throughthe Feb.United 5,States 2011.and ThePuerto PikachuRico will be availablefrom toJanuary all30 Generationto IVFebruary games13, although2011; aand Wi-Fifrom distributionFebruary similar9 to the20 Japanesein distributionCanada. earlierThe thisPikachu yearwill isbe currentlyavailable unknownto all Generation IV games... }}
[[File:Ash Pikachu.png|thumb|Ash's Pikachu]]
Toys "R" has announced that participating Toys "R" Us stores in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada will distribute an in-game representation of {{bp|Ash's Pikachu}}. The distribution in the United States and Puerto Rico will be from Jan. 30 throughto Feb. 513, 2011; and from Feb. 9 to 20 in Canada. The Pikachu will be available to all Generation IV games, although a whether or not a {{bp|Wi-Fi Connection|Wi-Fi}} distribution [[Satoshi's Pikachu to be distributed via Wi-Fi|similar to the Japanese distributionevent earlier this year]] will also be held is currently unknown.
The Japanese distribution of Ash's Pikachu took place July 15 through AugustAug. 10, 2010. The Americanannouncement distributionconfirms willthis mostToys likely"R" Us Pikachu to be male, level 50, holding a translated{{bp|Light versionBall}} ofand knowing the Japanesemoves Pikachu.{{m|Volt ThisTackle}}, means{{m|Iron thatTail}} itand would{{m|Thunderbolt}}. most probablySince bethis adistribution levelis 50expected maleto Pikachu inbe a Cherishtranslation Ballof withthe aJapanese Classicevent, Ribbonit andwill amost {{bp|Lightlikely Ball}}.come Itin woulda alsoCherish Ball, have a NaughtyClassic natureRibbon and the movesfeature {{m4|Volt Tackle|Iron Tailm|Quick Attack|Thunderbolt}} as its final move.
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