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3DS, Wii Pokémon games in development

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[[File:Pokémon Typing DS Boxart.png|thumb|Boxart for Typing DS]]
[[nw:Satoru Iwata|Satoru Iwata]] has revealed numerous pieces of information at today's financial briefing. First and foremost, Iwata showed the boxart for {{bp|Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS}}, along with revealing a release period of April 2011. In addition to this, Iwata announced that Nintendo is working on "various projects" for the {{bp|Wii}} and the upcoming {{bp|Nintendo 3DS}} regarding the Pokémon franchise.
Iwata also mentioned that Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS is not particularly aimed at younger audiences, as higher levels in the game are very challenging; Iwata himself has been unable to beat the high score in the game.
To be included in the software’s package is a keyboard which is compatible with Bluetooth standards. A Bluetooth communication function is also included in the ROM card, so they wirelessly communicate.
Although Nintendo does not guarantee the connections, the keyboard can be connected with various other devices. Internally at Nintendo, some are connecting the prototype keyboard with iPhone and Android. Actually, I’m one of them. After all, when it comes to the speedy typing of a long sentence, a keyboard has the advantage.
For Pokémon, we are also proceeding ahead with various projects on Wii and Nintendo 3DS. We will announce them later at the appropriate timing.|Satoru Iwata|cat=no}}
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