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Additional Black and White localization details revealed

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[[File:Pokémon Dream World logo.png|thumb|Pokémon Dream World logo]]
In a recent interview, Nintendo of America's localization coordinator Joel Simon revealed some aspects on the localization of {{bp|}}Pokémon Black and White Versions}}, releasing in March. The {{bp|Dream World}} feature will be delayed until approximately one month after launch in order to avoid the server issues that arose when the Japanese games were released. In addition, a hot spot service might be offered similar to the Poké Power Spot initiative currently in place in numerous Japanese stores and restaurants.
Simon also mentioned that Nintendo is expecting the Dream World to be more popular overseas than in Japan. He also noted that Treehouse is not translating the games, as with all main series games prior to HeartGold and SoulSilver, with TPCi taking over the duty.
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