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Celebi distribution announced for Finland

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tagline=ToEvent Pokémon to be distributed by Anttila and GamestopGameStop stores. |
blurb=A distribution of Celebi has been announced for Finland. You can download this special Celebi at the Participating Anttila and GameStop stores. }}
A Distribution of Celebi is announced for Finland. The pokemon will be distributed at participating Anttila and Gamestop stores. Half of the Anttila stores distributes 11.2 - 20.2.2011, and the other half 23.2. - 3.3.2011. Gamestop will distribute 14.2. - 4.3.2011. This Celebi unlocks the Zorua event in Pokémon Black & White
[[File:Celebi 2011 Finland.jpg|250px|thumb|The Logo of the distribution in Anttila]]
==ExternalA information==distribution of {{p|Celebi}} has been announced for Finland. The Pokémon will be distributed at participating Anttila and GameStop stores. Some Anttila stores distribute the event from 11th through 20th February while the rest from 23th February through 3rd March. GameStop's distribution will start on 14th February and last until the release of {{game|Black and White|s}} on 4th March, though unlike the Anttila distribution, GameStop offers Celebi only for players who preorder either of the new {{bp|Generation V}} games.
*[ website (Finnish)]
*[ Gamestopevent Finland'sCelebi, websitewhen (Finnish)]transferred to a Pokémon Black or White cart, will allow the players to encounter a {{p|Zorua}}.
The preorder bonus, a keychain, was also announced for preorders made from Anttila.
== External information ==
* [ website (Finnish)]
* [ Gamestop Finland's website (Finnish)]