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Black and White to be enhanced on 3DS

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IGN have recently revealed that upcoming games {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions}} will have enhanced features when played on the upcoming {{bp|Nintendo 3DS}} console; however, '''3D gameplay will not be supported'''. It is interesting to note that the 3DS' "StreetPass" feature does sound similar to the "Pass By" Mode of the {{bp|C-Gear))}}. This is similar to enhanced features the games have when played on a {{bp|Nintendo DSi}} or {{bp|Nintendo DSi XL}} (''DSi LL in Japan''), which allows Video Chat using the {{bp|Xtransceiver}}
Earlier last year, it was announced that out of numerous developers, {{bp|The Pokémon Company}} were given priority with development kits of the new console. It is likely that at that stage, Black and White were too far into development to shift to the upcoming console.