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Wealth of American Black & White TCG set announced

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In addition to these, two promotional items were also announced. A Pokémon Collector's Album Box will be released April 25 for $9.99, and will include a sixty-slot card album, two {{TCG|Black & White}} booster packs, and the aforementioned Axew card. Reshiram and Zekrom tins were also announced, which will include 4 Black & White booster packs and a Reshiram or Zekrom card, depending on the purchased tin. These will be released May 2 for $15.99 USD each.
{{ud}} A Victini Box has also been announced. This box, releasing with the set at $19.99 USD, will include a Victini figure, five Black & White booster packs, and an undetermined foil card. The sell sheet for this also revealed booster pack images, of {{p|Zekrom}}, {{p|Zoroark}}, {{p|Reshiram}}, and {{p|Zeburaika}} (Japanese name).
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