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Two Victini movies coming in July

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Two's company, but is three a crowd? Apparently not—{{p|Victini}} will allegedly be flanked by both {{p|Zekrom}} and {{p|Reshiram}} when the first Pokémon movie airs in Japan later this year.
Leaked scans from CoroCoro magazine are indicating that a second Pokémon film will be released this July. As a contrast to the {{bp|M14|Zekrom movie already revealed}}, this second film would star the Vast White Pokémon Reshiram. The given title is ''Victini and the LightWhite Hero: Reshiram''; notice the similarities to ''Victini and the DarkBlack Hero: Zekrom''.
Little is known about the upcoming movie: it hasn't yet been officially revealed by Nintendo. As such, few details are known. It may be that two independent films are released at the same time, or two short films are played back to back. One possibility is that only one movie will be released, yet it will have two differing plots depending on the featured Pokémon, like the Pokémon video games.