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BW Mall Tour plagued with hacked distribution

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tagline=Wonder Guard Spiritomb distributed toat fans.San Jose mall |
blurb=HackedA hacked Spiritomb carryingis being distributed at the Oakridge Mall in San Jose at the BW Mall Tour. '''Fans are advised to release this Pokémon if received''' due to the nature of the event. The Spiritomb is a level 50 Shiny Pokémon with the ability Wonder Guard and the moves Shadow Force, Focus Punch, Softboiled, and Safeguard. The Pokémon is being"caught" givenin awaya onCherish theBall, officialhas BWPokérus, and holds tourBlackGlasses. }}
ItA hashacked been{{p|Spiritomb}} reportedis thatbeing ondistributed aat fewthe websitesOakridge that,Mall on thein San Jose leg ofat the mallBW tourMall promotingTour. the'''Fans upcomingare USadvised to release ofthis Pokémon Blackif andreceived''' Whitedue thatto athe Lvnature of the event.100 {{p|The Spiritomb}} is a level 50 Shiny Pokémon with the ability {{a|Wonder Guard}} and the moves {{m|Shadow Force}}, {{m|Focus Punch}}, {{m|Softboiled}}, and {{m|Safeguard}}. The Pokémon is being"caught" distributedin viaa MysteryCherish GiftBall, has Pokérus, and holds BlackGlasses. The hacked Spiritomb is being distributed alongside the Eventfully legitimate {{p|Celebi}}.
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While it may seem tempting to unsuspecting players, we wish to make people aware that this Spiritomb has been hacked, and is not authorised by any official sources. As a result, Spiritomb would not be allowed to enter any official tournaments and any player carrying one on their games (even without the intention of using it) could be disqualified before entering.
Just to clarify, this Spiritomb is '''NOT legitimate''', and any players who has downloaded one from the tour should release it immediately.