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BW Mall Tour plagued with hacked distribution

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The hacked Wonder Card consists of a message saying "Pokémon International's Surprise!" and a grammatically-incorrect description of "SPIRITOMB might be hard to hit but really packs a wallop! Its as if this Pokémon has a Wonderful shield around it that Guards against most attacks! SPIRITOMB is legit!" NOTE: This Spiritomb is not legit; the Wonder Card line is the hacker's attempt at legitimizing the event.
This hacked event is very similar to one that occurred at [[Buy Platinum one day early in New York|the Nintendo World release party for Pokémon Platinum]], wherein a [ hacked Gengar] and a hacked Eevee were distributed.
Just to clarify, this Spiritomb is '''NOT legitimate''', and any players who has downloaded one from the tour should release it immediately.