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Black and White not to be followed by a third version

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Many fans have taken this statement to mean that a third title in the fifth generation, the fan-given moniker of which is often "Gray/Grey" (derived from the mixing of Black and White), will not exist at all. Whether this is a translation mistake is unknown. Each previous generation has concluded with a third version that has a slightly different plot (and new gameplay elements) from the original paired versions. {{game|Yellow}}, {{game|Crystal}}, {{game|Emerald}} and {{game|Platinum}} are such games. If "Gray/Grey" does not eventuate, then this generation will be the only one without an enhanced follow-up game.
However, there are some lingering doubts over Ibe's statement. Gamers who have investigated the coding used in Black and White have reported that there are hidden data not used in the game. These include two moves—{{m|Freeze Bolt}} and {{m|Cold Flare}}, both of which canare onlyspeculated to be learned by {{p|Kyurem}} in the future, an {{type2|Ice}} legendary Pokémon similar to the Black and White mascots {{p|Zekrom}} and {{p|Reshiram}}—and an obscure key item called a {{bp|God Stone}}. Could these be special mechanics for a third version plotline and mascot? Perhaps. But they could also be beta objects, or involved in an upcoming Wi-Fi event. If Ibe is to be believed, then this might have to be the case.
In addition, a marketing undertone could be used here. If Ibe said that there would be a third version for sure, then many fans would wait to purchase Black and White, as the third version generally encompasses parts from the original pair.