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Masuda downplays "No third version" speculation

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blurb=In an recent interview Junichi Masuda dispelled the rumor that there will be no third version of Pokémon Black and White. }}
In an interview with gaming site GameTrailers, Pokémon game developer and director {{bp|Junichi Masuda}} spoke about {{bp|Generation V}} of Pokémon. Among the many things that came up during the interview was the [[Black and White not to be followed by a third version|rumor that Black and White would not a have a third version]].
This rumor came to be after the Spanish site [ Meristation] published an interview with Pokémon designer {{bp|Mana Ibe}} in which it was denied that there would be a third version of Pokémon Black and White. Junichi Masuda dispelled those rumors. He stated that he did not recall ever saying there would not be another version, and that he was very surprised to hear about the rumor.
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