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Black and White DSi bundles announced

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[[File:BW White DSi bundle.png|thumb|300px|right|Pokémon White Version DSi bundle.]]
[ Poké] has announced {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions|Pokémon Black and White}} {{bp|Nintendo DSi|DSi}} bundle. It will contain a commemorative {{bp|Nintendo DSi|DSi}} featuring both {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}}, a cary case, and a copy of either Pokémon Black or White Versions.
The Black Version bundle comes with a black DSi, while the White Version bundle comes with a white DSi. Both will be available at retail stores across the United States of America from the launch of the games, March 6th, with a suggested retail price of US$179.99.
The built-in camera in the DSi systems allows players to participate in video chats through use of the Xtranciever{{bp|Xtransceiver}} in-game.
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