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Pokémon Black and White: The Experience

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press release
The Pokémon Black and White Tour is a wonderful experience, and one that should not be missed under any circumstance. The event is a once in a lifetime experience like no other with the chance to meet fans (new and old) that share one commonality: Pokémon!
Whilst traveling the nation the tour makes a stop at two different locations each weekend, staying both Saturday and Sunday for the event; with the exception of the Minnesota and New York stopsstop, which areis planned for Friday and Saturday. The work and energy put into an event of this size is extreme; there is even a traveling work force that attends each and every event. Since it would be very costly to transport a full event staff, only five staff members travel between each location and the rest of the workforce is hired locally. To give an idea of the work that goes into event, the staff begins preparing for the event up to two nights prior, setting up almost everything. The one exception to this is the merchandise at the Pokémon Center, which is set up one night before the event. Moving onto the actual event, the tour is scheduled to start when the mall opens for business and runs until the mall closes. The starting point for the event is the Information Booth where free tickets are given out for one of the five showings of ''Zoroark: Master of Illusions'', in addition to free information booklets (pictured below) regarding the tour which includes a scavenger hunt called the "Stamp Rally".
Tickets for the showings of the thirteenth Pokémon movie, ''Zoroark: Master of Illusions'' are very sparse due to the limited amount of seats and popularity of seeing a Pokémon movie on the big-screen for the first time since ''{{bp|M05|Pokémon Heroes}}'' in 2003. Showings are scheduled for every two hours, starting at 10am and the last showing scheduled for 7pm. Most tickets for the first showing are handed out prior to the scheduled start of the event, with a line forming approximately an hour before. The location of the theater may vary, but the movie is usually shown at the theater most centrally located to the mall. The free ticket grants admission to the theater, as well as a free Jumbo Pokémon TCG card with a ticket stub. In theme of the movie, the card is appropriately titled {{bp|Zorua and Celebi (Black and White Tour promo)|Zorua and Celebi}} in the likes of {{bp|Mewtwo (Wizards Promo 14)|previous}} {{bp|Ancient Mew (2nd Movie promo)|movie}} {{bp|Entei (Wizards Promo 34)|promotional}} {{bp|Celebi (Wizards Promo 50)|cards}}. The movie run time is approximately 90 minutes uncut, including the complete credits.