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New Battle Strength Deck cards and promos exposed

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In the official Pokémon Card Database's weekly update, a plethora of new cards from the three Battle Strength Decks were revealed, as well as a few other promotions.
The commercial for the {{TCG|Battle Strength Decks}}, due for release March 18, was posted on the official site. The commercial revealed fifteen of the approximate 50 cards from the decks, such as {{p|Sigilyph}}, {{p|Zorua}}, and {{p|Joltik}}. Each deck contains about fourteen cards, and feature {{p|Virizion}}, {{p|Terrakion}}, and {{p|Cobalion}}. Below is a gallery and known translations for the newly shown card. The commercial can be viewed [ here]below.
Draw from your deck until you have 6 cards in your hand
==Known card list==
*[ Public official site]
*[ Battle Strength Deck commercial]