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Final part of Movie 8 manga adaptation

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[[ImageFile:Mew and the Wave-guiding Hero posterPokemon2005poster.pngjpg|thumb|right|The poster]]
The August issue of the Shogakukan Grade 3 magazine continues the movie 8 manga adaptation by Miho Asada where it left off last time. Previously, Satoshi has accidentally unsealed Lucario from its seal inside Aaron's staff, and everyone is heading towards the World-origin Tree after learning of Mew's kidnapping of Pikachu and Meowth. On their way, they came across the legendary Time Flower which was capable of regenerating a past scene under the power of someone possessing the wave-guiding ability. In front of the tree, Satoshi and co. were confronted by the legendary Regirock. In this chapter:
: Everyone gasps in shock as Regirock emerges from the boulders surrounding the World-origin Tree. After saying something in an ancient dialect, Regirock fires off a hyperbeam, and Satoshi and co. hurriedly dodge. Lucario delivers a Hadou-dan (wave-guidng/pulse bomb), which clashes with Regirock's hyperbeam and strikes the legendary golem square-chested, and manages to halt it temporarily.
Everyone quickly enters the tunnels ahead, and Lucario remarks that Regirock is one of the guardians of the World-origin Tree, whose job is to ward off all intruders to the sacred place. They soon arrive right beneath the tree, where they see pokemon like Omanytes, Omastars, Aerodactyls, Lileeps, Cradilys, and Nidorans, and Satoshi runs off with Lucario to find Pikachu.