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BW026 postponed, BW027 airing instead

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After the airing of {{bp|BW025}}, the preview of the next episode was not for {{bp|BW026}}; instead, it was {{bp|BW027|the episode that follows}}. The episode is called "''Beware of Cute Faces! {{tt|Emonga|Emolga}} Paralyses!''", and it is the six-hundred eighty-sixth686th episode of the anime.
This episode features {{bp|Ash|Satoshi}} and {{bp|Ash's friends|his friends}}, along with {{bp|Bianca|Bel}}, finding a wild {{bp|Emolga|Emonga}} on the way to {{bp|Nimbasa City|Raimon City}}. However, after helping the gang, it seems everyone is mesmerized by it.