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* {{bp|BW032}}: 「恋するモンメン風に乗って」 ''The Adored Monmen Rides the Wind''
The {{bp|BW029|twenty-ninth}} episode of the ongoing series will feature the {{t|Ghost}}/{{type|Fire}} Pokémon, {{p|Litwick|Hitomoshi}} and it is set to air on April 7, 2011. The {{bp|BW030|thirtieth}} and {{bp|BW031|thirty-first}} episodes are scheduled to air on April 14th and 21st respectively; the last episode for the upcoming month follows on April 28 and will be focused on the {{type|Grass}} {{p|Cottonee|Monmen}}.
We will update the respective articles with the full episode titles as soon as they are available.