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Small boy shocks world with rude Pokémon nickname

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blurb=In a startling development, Harold Anderson of Lawrence, Kansas has made the bold decision to nickname his Trancell "COCK." }}
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Classmates at the Prarie Moon Waldorf Elementary School were both shocked and amazed at the decision. The news is spreading like wildfire, having just been discussed at Susie Relken's sleepover. Sources report the event attracted a record attendance of three.
In an interview with the New York Times, Anderson had this to say-
"I got the idea from a joke my dad made once. I know it's a bad word and I think it means (unintelligible whisper). The reason I nicknamed the Trancell was because Sam Washington's older brother (13) showed me a video on the internet and it reminded me of that.
"Sam's brother smells weird." he added.
When asked if he was excited for the English release of Red and Green, he stated that his favorite new feature was the new ten-character nickname limit. He informed the interviewer the Trancell was just the beginning and while he wasn't quite sure what the next monster would be nicknamed, it would "probably include 'BUTT' somehow."
The Trancell was not available for comment.