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New deck boxes and sleeves revealed for April

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Several new deck boxes and card sleeves have been announced for the month of April. The first wave of merchandise will be released April 2nd and will feature {{p|Darumaka}}, {{p|Litwick}}, {{p|Sawk}}, and {{p|Throh}}. A second wave of card sleeves will be released April 19th, and will feature Pokémon from the Osaka Pokémon Center logo, as well as a re-release of {{p|Charizard}}, and {{p|Espeon}}, and /{{p|Umbreon}} by popular demand. Each pack of sleeves will contain 32 sleeves and will also cost 380 yen, and each box will cost the same.
File:Darumaka sleeves.jpg|Darumaka card sleeves released April 2
File:Darumaka box.jpg|Darumaka deck box released April 2
File:Charizard Espeon Umbreon sleeves.jpg|Charizard, Espeon and Umbreon card sleeves releasedre-releasing April 19
File:Osaka sleeves.jpg|Osaka Pokémon Center commemoration card sleeves releasedreleasing April 19