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4Kids Entertainment files for bankruptcy

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tagline=Former dubber files for protection |
blurb=5Five years after the company ceased dubbing the Pokémon anime, 4Kids Entertainment has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 4Kids controlled the English dub of the Pokémon anime from the first episode (1998) through the eighth season (2005). }}
[[File:4Kids.jpg|thumb|Logo when dubbing the anime]]
[[4Kids gives up Pokémon license|5Five years after]] the company ceased dubbing the Pokémon anime, {{bp|4Kids Entertainment}} has filed for [[wp:Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code|Chapter 11 bankruptcy]]. 4Kids controlled the English dub of the {{bp|Pokémon anime}} from [[bp:EP001|the first episode]] (1998) through [[bp:Pokémon: Advanced Battle|the eighth season]] (2005).
The filing does not mean that 4Kids will need to make any financial or corporate adjustments, however; Michael Goldstein, chairman at 4Kids Entertainment, says that the company will continue regular operations.
{{quote|We want to assure our clients, business partners and licensees that during the pendency of the bankruptcy, 4Kids will continue to provide the same level of service and dedication that it has in the past. The Company will also continue to explore its strategic alternatives, including, the possible sale of the business or reorganization as a stronger and more focused company. |Michael Goldstein}}
Fans' views on 4Kids's dubbing of the anime are varied - some prefer the 4Kids dub, some wish it had never happened. No matter which side, the transition was hard for most fans, as [[Fans rally to combat anime change|nearly all voice actors were changed]] (some recently have made a return, [[bp:Ted Lewis|a]] [[bp:Rodger Parsons|few]] reprising previous roles).