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Dreams of new artwork come true

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As most players of {{game|Black and White|s}} will already know, the {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} and {{bp|Pokémon Dream World}} are now accessible worldwide (if somewhat temperamental). With this launch and relaunch, the final pieces of Dream World art have been revealed, a dream come true for many Pokémon fans.
Previously, only 630 out of 646 revealed Pokémon had the iconic artwork. Aside from the version mascots {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}}, no species with a National Pokédex number higher than 628 had had their art released. The remaining Pokémon, from {{p|Vullaby}} through to {{p|Kyurem}} now have their own artwork. The only Pokémon that do not have Dream World artwork are {{p|Keldeo}}, {{p|Meloetta}} and {{p|GensectGenesect}}, none of which have been officially revealed by Nintendo.
The existing artwork had been available online since October last year. The delay in uploading the remaining artwork may be pinned to technological error.