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tagline=ThePromotion Pokémonto thatbe hasn'tavailable hadMay an18, anime appearance since EP038 and its evolution family are going2011 to have some GlobalApril Link26, events2012 |
blurb=The Electric SoldierPorygon and its evolutionevolutions familywill arebe goingmade to havein theira very ownPokémon Global Link eventspromotion to be made available from May 2818, 2011 to April 26, 2012. Porygon can be obtained with its Hidden Ability, Analytic, Porygon2 will be available as Décor, and Porygon-Z will be featured in a C-Gear skin.}}
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{{bp|[[File:Porygon-Z (Pokémon)|Porygon}},C-Gear the first in the evolution line, will be featured in the Pokémon Dream Worldskin. The Porygon will have the ability {{bppng|Analytic (ability)thumb|Analyze}},Porygon-Z andC-Gear players will be given a chance to get]]
Official Japanese Pokémon site Pokémon Series Official has recently revealed that {{p|Porygon}} and its evolutions will be featured in future Japanese {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} promotions. Fans will find a code in the book 「ポケットモンスターブラック・ホワイト オフィシャルガイド 通信プレイまるとくブック」 '' '' that will allow them to participate in the promotion to be held May 18, 2011 to April 26, 2012.
In the promotion, Porygon can be obtained with its Hidden Ability, {{bp|Porygon2 (Pokémon)a|Porygon2Analytic}}, thewhich seconddoes innot thechange throughout its evolution. On the other linehand, {{p|Porygon2}} will be themedavailable in aas {{bp|List of Pokémon Dream World Décor|decorativeDécor}} in {{bp|Pokémon Dream HouseWorld}} forwhile {{p|Porygon-Z}} will be featured in a {{bp|C-Gear}} {{bp|List of Pokémon Global Link promotions#C-Gear skins|skin}} based on the DreamPokémon WorldCafé merchandise in the Pokémon Center stores in Japan.
Finally, {{bp|Porygon-Z (Pokémon)|Porygon-Z}}, the last in the evolution line, will be featured in a C-Gear skin based on the Pokémon Café merchandise in the Pokémon Centre.==Information==
*[ Pokémon Series Official] (Japanese)
**[ List of Global Link campaigns] (Japanese)