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Personality & Development: Ash's Pikachu

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The weight of constantly caring for another Pokémon was lifted in the Diamond & Pearl series when Pikachu was given a best mate, besides the obvious human Ash. As well as his best friend {{Bp|Dawn’s Piplup|Piplup}}, he also gained a rival in {{Bp|Paul}}’s Elekid, after always having distinct relationships with members of the Electabuzz evolution family, whenever they appeared. Pikachu’s social placement developed further when he caught the eye of a Buneary that joined {{an|Dawn}}’s team. When faced with a {{Bp|Lagomorph Shipping|possible romance}} Pikachu usually seemed oblivious, much like Ash is with the attention he receives from the ladies. However, it was not always shown to be one-sided as Pikachu has comforted Buneary similarly to how he would the younger Pokémon and been bashful around her. Whether Pikachu’s feelings for Buneary are neutral is uncertain but it is obvious he welcomes the friendship. Within his own subculture Pikachu picked up traits from his friends, most notably Piplup, another reason to suggest he is quite young. More discreetly than Piplup, Pikachu began to overreact slightly over small problems and showed even more comic traits. In the {{Bp|DP191|last episode}} of the DP series Pikachu burst into tears seeing Piplup doing the same over the gang parting ways. It is obvious Pikachu developed a strong relationship with Dawn and {{Bp|Tracey Sketchit|every}} {{an|May|other}} {{an|Cilan|friend}} that traveled with Ash and him for a long while before leaving them.
[[File:AG089.png|thumb|Working with Team Rocket?]]
[[File:PikaMeowthOffer.jpgpng|thumb|left|Well, I guess I don't want to drag around your corpse]]
Typically, Pikachu as the main protagonist is not fond of the antagonists of the show, {{Bp|Team Rocket trio|Team Rocket}}. Usually he’ll waste no time in getting them out of his sight and at times he appears to enjoy sending them blasting off, this is probably his original self shining through, but like with Ash it soon deteriorated. Pikachu, despite being a victim of Team Rocket’s constant harassment will risk his own well-being for the trio and sensibly recognizes when he has to turn the other cheek and work with them to overcome other problems. Many times he has become lost with Meowth; Pikachu keeps Meowth safe in these endeavors as he feels it is morally right. However, Pikachu shows absolutely no respect for Meowth and even when working together keeps an eye on him. On the occasions where Meowth tries to take the lead, Pikachu will arrogantly ignore him as if Meowth was completely stupid.