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{{User No Mudkip}}
{{User Favorite Move|129|Splash|Water}}
{{User Champion|D}}
{{User Champion|G}}
{{User Defeated Red}}
{{User Favorite Psychic|150|Mewtwo}}
{{User Bike}}
{{User Ketchup}}
{{User Gible|KFC has no more chicken left}}
{{User Male Trainer}}
{{User Breeding}}
{{User Christian}}
{{User Twerp}}
{{User Internet Explorer}}
{{User Donut}}
{{User Gible|Our princess is in another castle}}
{{User Got Milk?}}
{{User 300}}
{{User Shoop Whoop}}
{{User Instrument|saxophone}}
{{User Food|pizza}}
{{User Legendary}}
{{User Shiny|130|Gyarados|Water}}
{{User Shiny|482|Azelf|Psychic}}
{{User Wants Shiny|006|Charizard}}
{{User Wants Shiny|150|Mewtwo}}
{{User Favorite|150|Mewtwo|Psychic}}
{{User Least Favorite|191|Sunkern|Normal}}
{{User Favorite Baby|447|Riolu|Fighting}}
{{User Favorite Legendary|150|Mewtwo|Psychic}}
{{User Age|11}}
{{User Black}}
{{User White}}
{{User Silver}}
{{User Pearl}}
{{User Platinum}}
{{User Country|614|Canada|FF0000|FFFFFF}}
{{User Male}}
{{User en}}
{{User Band|AC/DC}}
{{User PorygonEp}}
{{User Original series}}
{{User Project Pokédex}}
{{User Project Fandom}}
{{User Project Games}}
{{User Gnome}}
{{User Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky}}
{{User Pokémon|403|Shinx|m}}
{{User PMD Partner|004|Charizard|Fire}}