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Archen, Archeos to be featured in BW039

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tagline=ArchenFossil and ArchaeopsPokémon to makeappear theiralongside debut in the AnimeAraragi, and a video message online may be hope to air the postponed episodes soon.Makomo |
blurb=TVTwo TOKYOof hasthe broughtlatest usfossil newsPokémon onwill feature in an upcoming episode last Friday. The episode is to feature two Pokémon from ancient times. Also, a video message written by a fan may be hope to air the three episodes that have been skipped since last March, soon. }}
{{bp[[File:566Archen.png|Professor Juniper200px|Professor Araragi}} and {{bp|Fennel|Makomo}} return in the anime with an {{bpthumb|Archen (Pokémon)|Archen}} who wants to know how to fly. The episode, ''{{bp|BW039|Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!}}'', is to make its premiere on June 16, 2011, in Japan.]]
[[File:BW039-scan.jpg|200px|thumb|Scan with BW039 info on far right]]
TV Tokyo has released details about an upcoming Pokémon anime episode.
ThereDr. hasAraragi been({{bp|Professor noJuniper}}) news,and asMakomo of({{bp|Fennel}}) yet,make ona whenreturn thealongside episodesan are{{p|Archen}}, towho air.wants Theto episodes,know ''Teamhow Rocketto vsfly. TeamThe Plasmaepisode, parts {{bp|BW023|1}} and {{bp|BW024|2}}'', and「化石復活!古代怪鳥アーケオス!!」 ''{{bp|BW026BW039|HiunFossil City Fishing ConferenceRevival! FisherAncient SommelierMysterious -Bird Dent AppearsArcheos!!}}'', havewill beenpremiere postponedin lastJapan Marchon dueJune to16, the {{wp|2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami|recent Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan}}.
InArchen's aevolved related storyform, a Pokémon fan in America has made a video message to TV TOKYO on YouTube, requesting that they air saidArcheos postponed({{p|Archeops}}) episodeswill sooneralso rathermake thanan laterappearance.