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Personality & Development: Ash's Squirtle

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Almost forty years ago from now, a man named Leonard Bickman investigated how uniform can affect obedience. He took to the streets and asked random people to perform simple tasks; for example, “Pick up that litter and put it in the bin”. He recorded how many people obeyed him while he was wearing an official looking uniform and how many people obeyed him without the uniform. Naturally, many more people obeyed him while he was wearing the uniform, despite not knowing who he was or what the uniform symbolised. Since Pokémon do not often have clothes of their own, it is understandable that a Pokémon wearing anything at all would receive the same respect a human wearing a uniform would. So the Squirtle Squad command respect from other Pokémon through their sunglasses and Squirtle leads the squad by wearing his extra cool sunglasses. Squirtle has often put his sunglasses back on throughout the series and seems to get a boost in confidence while he is wearing them, similar to another sunglasses-wearing {{bp|Sunglasses Krokorok|reptilian Pokémon}}, appearing in the recent ''Best Wishes!'' series.
The Squirtle Squad was almost exactly the same as a common gang of human {{wp|yob}}s. A woman named Lacey identified how such anti-society subcultures were created. She observed that when pupils in a school were labelled and stereotyped they tended to act accordingly with how the authority figure labelled them. This is called a {{wp|self-fulfilling prophecy}}, and in the Squirtle Squad’s case it became a viscous cycle. After their trainers abandoned them, they may have done something bad-—break a window, flood a circus, whatever-—but with each bad thing they did, they would have been labelled as trouble makers and unruly Pokémon. Because of the self-fulfilling prophecy they believed what everyone was saying and caused even more trouble. After his capture, Squirtle mellowed down quite a bit but still built rivalries quickly (like with Snubbull and Wartortle), and still proved to be quite inconsiderate at times such as when he told the insensitive joke about Ash and co being eaten by the {{bp|EP017|giant Pokémon}}, regardless of the fact it would scare the others.
[[File:EP106.png|right|thumb|Ash is not the only one with recurring rivals]]
While Squirtle has expressed no rejection of evolution, he has been shown to resent other turtle Pokémon and be keen to prove his strength against them. When he met {{bp|Team Wartortle}}, a group of fire-fighting Pokémon who were considered heroes, Squirtle immediately proved himself as a hero. This eventually led to the peak of Squirtle’s development where it rejoined the Squirtle Squad and left Ash to become a full-time fire-fighter like it originally would have done if it did not tag along with Ash.