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Personality & Development: Ash's Bulbasaur

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[[File:High vine.png|right|thumb|High five for Bulbagarden.]]
My favourite Pokémon from season 1 was indeed Ash's Bulbasaur. He showed intelligence, sensitivity, and comic traits throughout his time on Ash's team and still flourishes with personality whenever he returns to show for a brief stint. Also, Bulbasaur is one of Ash's most notable Pokémon, being the only none-walking Pokémon to refuse to evolve, the only one to return to his team mid-region after being left at Oak's and being the only one of Ash's Kanto team other than Pikachu to stick around through most of the Johto series. (Butas you can read all that in his {{bp|Ash's Bulbasaur|trivia section}}.). What I find most notable about Bulbasaur is that he had many distinct relationships with other charactercharacters besides his trainer, {{bp|Ash's Squirtle|Squirtle}}, {{bp|Ash's Heracross|Heracross}} and {{bp|May's Bulbasaur}}, etc, all giving Bulbasaur chances to show a diverse personality and truly enjoyable character.
[[File:EP010.png|left|thumb|He’s an aggressive one.]]
As I’m sure you all remember, in Bulbasaur's {{bp|EP010|debut}} episode, we saw him protecting a “Pokémon rest stop” known as the hidden village. Now the impression I got from his behavior in this episode was that like the Oddish at the hidden village, Bulbasaur had been abandoned by his original trainer. In fact it was not until I re-watched the episode that I found that that was never stated, although, if you’ll pardon the speculation, heavily implied, especially when he concluded Ash had abandoned him and his comrades while they were lost on the {{bp|EP017|island of giant Pokémon}}. In this case my proposed idea of the internal working model, that I mentioned in my [[Personality & Development: Ash’sAsh's Squirtle|lastprevious column]], may apply. However I am not suggesting that Bulbasaur is a young Pokémon, he may have been when he was abandoned, but Bulbasaur was apparently protecting the hidden village for a very long time. Furthermore, Bulbasaur was already shown to have a strong bond with {{bp|Melanie}} so perhaps his internal working model did not have him resent humans completely. As with Pikachu and Squirtle, Bulbasaur began to trust Ash after witnessing his bravery and care, and allowed Ash to battle him.
When Bulbasaur joined Ash, by no means did he stop protecting his friends. Bulbasaur often took it upon himself to assure the safety of his friends and keep the peace; Bulbasaur even had a tendency for saving people’s lives with Vine Whip. These actions gave him many leadership qualities that not even Pikachu had. A few times he has been able to exceed Pikachu to calm a situation, most notably being the one to finally get {{bp|Misty's Togepi|Togepi}} to settle when the others couldn’t with his Bulbabye.