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Personality & Development: Ash's Bulbasaur

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When Bulbasaur joined Ash, by no means did he stop protecting his friends. Bulbasaur often took it upon himself to assure the safety of his friends and keep the peace; Bulbasaur even had a tendency for saving people’s lives with Vine Whip. These actions gave him many leadership qualities that not even Pikachu had. A few times he has been able to exceed Pikachu to calm a situation, most notably being the one to finally get {{bp|Misty's Togepi|Togepi}} to settle when the others couldn’t with his Bulbabye.
When Bulbasaur returned to Oak’s to quell the fighting in the gardens, he had an immense time to shine, as he was given his own episode where Ash was not even a co-star. On his mission to keep all the Pokémon happy, Bulbasaur showed initiative and social skills, organizing the construction of a lake and recruiting all of the necessary help to make it. One must question why all the Pokémon who had previously been at each other’s throats, happily work together so that one family may move to a new territory? Bulbasaur does not need sunglasses to command respect, it has been found in research into social psychology that the biggest factor for obedience is that the person obeying fears the consequences of not obeying the figure of authority. Bulbasaur first stopped a battle between the other Pokémon by demonstrating his SolarbeamSolarBeam attack. Pokémon are known for battling one another so it is reasonable to suggest the Pokémon feared Bulbasaur “punishing” them. This seems even more likely, seen as the Pokémon begin fighting again every time Bulbasaur left, but quickly mellowed whenever he returned. It’s plausible that however gentle a sole Bulbasaur is, he commands his respect with an iron fist (or vine).
[[File:PK01.png|left|thumb|Cheering for his best friend.]]
As you know I’m a fan of the friendship between Bulbasaur and Squirtle. While often Squirtle is louder and more outspoken than Bulbasaur, showing him in the light of a side-kick sometimes, Bulbasaur usually gets coaxed into Squirtle’s endeavors and acts up a lot more. What seems to reoccur is that Squirtle will build up a lot of anxiety with other Pokémon and begin the fight; Bulbasaur will typically try and calm Squirtle, attempting to turn a blind eye but the other Pokémon, already annoyed by Squirtle, carry on the fight, offending Bulbasaur in some way. Both at the silver conference with Meganium and at the theme park with Snubbull, Bulbasaur lashed back twice as hard as Squirtle and the disputes escalated way beyond what they should have been. Similar to peer pressure, it is Squirtle’s mischief that gets Bulbasaur to lose his temper, showing sneaky Squirtle has a little bit of control over his friend.