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'''Administrators''' are mainly senior Bulbagarden staff members who have served staff roles on Bulbanews in the past. They can edit published articles, move articles, delete articles, protect articles, and block problematic users.
* Kenji-girl
* Fabu-Vinny
===Support staff===
Bulbanews's '''support staff''' are users who have staff roles on other Bulbagarden sites, but are not regular writers. They can edit published articles, move articles, and delete vandalized revisions of articles.
{{Bulbanews:Support Staff}}
* Darkeiya (Bulbapedia staff)
* Dogasu (Bulbagarden forums staff)
* PsychicRider (Bulbapedia/Archives staff)
* PPNSteve (Bulbacast staff)
* SaturnYoshi (Bulbagarden forums staff)
* Umeko (Bulbapedia staff)
==News staff==
From time to time, Bulbanews will hire '''columnists''' to write regularly-scheduled opinion articles on a topic of their own choice (at the Board of Editors' discretion). They can publish their columns directly in the main namespace.
* George Hutcheon ("On the Origin of Species")
* Yeoldejacob (Games reviewer)
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==More information==