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blurb=Magazine scans revealed further details on Don Battle. Bel, Cabernet, Kenyan, Langley and Shooty to participate along with the gang. }}

[[File:Best Wishes august 1.jpg|thumb|left|Magazine scan 1]]
[[File:Best Wishes august 2.jpg|thumb|right|Magazine scan 2]]

According to a magazine, the Automaton Pokémon {{p|Golett|Gobitto}} (Golett) and Zorua along with a trainer named ''Luke'' will make their debuts in the {{bp|BW040|fortieth episode}} of {{series|Best Wishes|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}} entitled 「ゾロア・ザ・ムービー!ポケモンナイトの伝説!!」 ''Zorua The Movie! The Legend of the Pokémon Knight!!'' scheduled for June 30. However, it will be counted as a TV episode debut for Tricky Fox Pokémon since {{p|Zorua}} made an appearance in ''{{bp|M13|Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark}}'' (Zoroark: Master of Illusions).

According to the episode summary:


'''Translation:''' ''At a theater, Satoshi and his friends encounter the "Tricky Fox Pokémon" Zorua, a Dark type. A Pokémon Trainer named Luke, making a film starring Zorua, who loves disguising itself as a movie heroine, invites Satoshi and his friends to become involved with the production as well.''

''Satoshi's role is that of a Pokémon Knight who has to confront a pirate, played by Dent, in order to save the princess. Despite the troubles they have as amateur actors, they finally manage to film everything except for the climax (or everything including the climax, not sure about this part). But suddenly, intruders appear and the movie they've worked so hard on is about to be ruined...''

The magazine scans further confirmed that {{bp|Don George}}'s ''Don Battle'' will be a four-episode tournament and is expected to end in the 44th episode of {{series|Best Wishes|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}} scheduled to air on August 11, 2011. {{bp|Bianca|Bel}} (Bianca), {{bp|Burgundy|Cabernet}} (Burgundy), {{bp|Kenyan}}, {{bp|Langley}} and {{bp|Trip|Shooty}} (Trip) will participate in the tournament along with {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Satoshi}} (Ash Ketchum), {{an|Iris}} and {{an|Cilan|Dent}} (Cilan). The detail regarding the fixtures have not been revealed yet except a battle in between Shooty and Dent has been confirmed.

Aside from the characters, a {{p|Sawk|Dageki}} will make its anime debut and is expected to have a battle against {{bp|Iris's Emolga|Iris's Emonga}} (Emolga) in the tournament.

Scheduled for August 18, the {{bp|BW045|45th}} episode will be focused on {{p|Meowth|Nyarth}} (Meowth) and his dismission from {{bp|Team Rocket|Rocket-dan}} (Team Rocket). It is not confirmed whether he'll leave his {{bp|Jessie|fellow}} {{bp|James|members}} forever or temporarily. A {{p|Scrafty|Zuruzukin}} (Scrafty) will also appear in the same episode.