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Pokémon plush dolls coming to Europe September 2011

No change in size, 23:19, 27 June 2011
Toy News Online has recently announced that TonyTomy- an expansive Global toy company, has struck a deal with The {{bp|Pokémon}} Company to release a new line of plush toys this September.
The plush collection will be released as a combination of eight-inch plush toys and large sized. The characters the plush dolls will be modeled after are the Black and White starters as well as the Pokémon mascot {{p|Pikachu}}. Interactive talking plush toys are also expected to be released starting with interactive Pikachu in fall 2011 followed by interactive black and White starters in early 2012. Four additional Pokémon are expected to be added to the collection and released in January 2012.
Paul Fogarty, the European sales and marketing director at TonyTomy commented " "Pokémon is a truly evergreen brand with staying power and we are very excited to be involved in such a remarkable year for the Pokémon franchise,"
"Tomy's reputation as a trusted brand among parents of young children puts us in an excellent position to successfully launch and sustain the plush range, which has the potential to grow and develop along with the Pokémon brand."