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Personality & Development: Misty's Horsea

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Horsea’s passion to make things right shows that he constantly feels responsible for anything he could possibly fix and/or sort out. What can explain this is, as a child, swimming along in his school, Horsea had a lot of responsibility within his family and therefore feels he has the same responsibility now. The concept is similar to John Bowlby’s theory of attachment, where the child builds their own internal working model of how their relationships should be in the future, comparable to a child having responsibility in its family and later believing it will have to same purpose in contemporary society. It would also make sense to propose, Horsea grew up in an environment without conflict and by the same theory, Horsea believes all of culture and society should be without conflict, a trait that disappeared after his experiences with {{Bp|Team Rocket trio|Team Rocket}}, teaching him that people are not always nice and crime and deviance will never end, in fact they are functional for society. So yes; Horsea did have development as well, having shouted at the giant Tentacruel, in his debut, convincing it with words alone, to finally battling Team Rocket in ''{{Bp|EP061|The Misty Mermaid}}''.
[[File:Horsea Bubble.png|right|thumb|Horsea finally fights.]]
Another thing notable about Horsea, and perhaps another thing that indicates he possibly had a lot of responsibility in his family/school, is how good and friendly he is with children. He was first shown in this light when he, along with his trainer, consoled Mikey about his problem with his brothers and Eevee, once again getting involved with a conflict. Again he shown of compatibility with children when all of the gang’s Pokémon were sent out to play on Kid's day, where Horsea used Bubble attack to amuse the children, without command and without an indication, where as all the others seemed to have the children run up and pet them and climb on them. All of this could indicate that Horsea has a possible desire for fatherhood.