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Personality & Development: Misty's Psyduck

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[[File:Tyra Cloyster.png|thumb|left|Classic Psyduck comedy]]
Now if I was going to analyse Psyduck’s behavior in his debut, I’d say that the way Psyduck investigated Misty’s dropped Poké Ball, which subsequently led to his capture, was the first time we recognized Psyduck’s obvious curiosity. Curiosity is a trait innate to all humans (innate means natural and common) and Pokémon often have personalities similar to humans, so it is not strange that Psyduck was interested in the Poké Ball. So his curiosity gives no indication of how Psyduck was growing up, but it proves he is normal or at least more normal than we all thought. The fact he has that innate emotional drive to want to learn and discover, makes him quite credible. The fact he allowed himself to be captured was the comic relief.
[[File:TheBridgeBikeGangMisty and Psyduck.gifpng|thumb|right|Don’t call me stupid!]]
Although I’ve tried to portray Psyduck as normal, I cannot deny the fact that he has some abnormal traits as well. If I was going to choose a definition of abnormality best suited to Psyduck; I’d say "''Deviation from social norms''", "''Deviation from mental health''" and "''Failure to function adequately''", yes all of them and I’ll tell you why in three well-written paragraphs.