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Personality & Development: Meowth

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[[File:MeowthNoodles.png|left|thumb|I’m much better at this]]
The back story and character of Meowth can be considered quite sweet and romanticized, explaining the international love held for the character. If Meowth was ever to actually leave the anime’s main cast and begin appearing as frequent as {{bp|Misty (anime)|Misty}} and {{bp|Tracey}}, uproar would surely begin amongst fans, for Meowth is for definite, one of the most loved characters Japan has ever produced and quite probably, more popular than even Pikachu. He wasn’t the first Pokémon to speak, but he’ll always be remembered as the first. The voice itself is perhaps more famous then Pikachu to anime fans, making voicing him a huge honour. Human character’s always have more clear personality then the Pokémon characters and the voice of the legendary {{bp|Madddie Blaustein}}, {{bp|Nathan Price}}, {{bp|Carter Cathcart}}, not to mention his voices from other countries, have created a greatly flourished personality to match brash {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Ash}} and girly-girl {{bp|May (anime)|May}}.