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Personality & Development: Meowth

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[[File:Team rocket anime.png|thumb|left|King of villains]]
[[File:SS010.png|thumb|right|King of love]]
Meowth’s {{bp|EP070|back story}}, explaining how he began walking on two feet and ultimately, learned to speak as a human dose, began with a renowned and much desired emotion called ''love''. The objective of becoming human-like was to win the love of another Meowth called {{bp|Meowzie}}. Love is a strong emotion and despite how an individual may believe they are in love, more often than not the individual is not quite in love. Love, being one of the strongest emotions, is impossible to operationalize, however, physical attraction in relationship formation can be defined. {{wp|Elaine Hatfield}} and her colleagues proposed the {{wp|Matching Hypothesis}} back in 1966, which is a popular explanation for how physical attractiveness comes to be. The matching hypothesis states that people form serious relationships with people who are of equal physical attractiveness. Given that our favourite Meowth and Meowzie are both of the same species and supposedly, physically appear exactly the same, the viewers would consider them both to be as attractive. However, this could highlight one of Meowth’s instincts of a cat’s perspective; being able to recognize what makes a cat attractive. After Meowzie was abandoned by her trainer, who apparently couldn’t afford to keep her, the idea that Meowth was in love strengthened. Besides physical attractiveness; similarity is considered an important factor in relationship formation, Meowth, who was also alone and without nurture, living on the streets; established familiarity with Meowzie. Further supporting the bond Meowth claimed he had to himself. Research in the area has suggested the less attractive reciprocate, will seek out compensating qualities, hence, Meowth sought out to talk and walk like a human, believing Meowzie desired a human-like partner. Since his ''heartbreak'', Meowth has fell for two SkittysSkitty, a Glameow and recently another Meowth. (Although this was actually a {{bp|Luke's Zorua|Zorua}} using her Illusion ability to fool Meowth.) The fact Meowth falls in love, or feels he is in love so quickly connotes that he has a great desire for love; possibly because of the Oedipus complex or great levels of the {{wp|testosterone}} hormone, but his tendency to ''fall for other Pokémon'', usually influenced by physical attractiveness, suggests Meowth would not be able to uphold a monogamous relationship, a trait common in characters considered villains in naturalistic media.
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