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New Black & White Battrio set released

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tagline=Set features several Black & White Pokémon, as well as old Pokémon |
blurb=The latest Battrio set, Black Thunder - White Fire, featuring several Black and White Pokémon was released this week, beginning the newest Battrio V set. }}

Earlier this week, the official {{pkmn|Battrio}} site updated with the newest set, '''{{bp|Black Thunder - White Fire (Battrio)|Black Thunder - White Fire}}''', featuring several new Pokémon released in {{bp|Pokémon Black and White Versions|Black and White}}, as well as older Pokémon, unlike in the main series games or the TCG where only {{bp|Unova}} Pokémon are available. The set features 48 pucks, as well as a new addition to the game, levels, a previously unused feature in Battrio. This is the first expansion in the new Battrio V set.

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