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2 in 1. Apparently, promotion is capitalized
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picture=PWC2011 Pokémon World Championships C-Gear skin.png |
caption=Screenshot2011 of the new C-GearWorlds skin |
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tagline=SkinSkins available now,only until SeptemberSept. 15 |
blurb=Starting todayAug. 3, a new C-Gearthe skin has''Earful beenAudino made♪'' available.may Thisbe C-Gearobtained skin,from basedGlobal onLink. thisThe yearskin ''s2011 Pokémon World Championships,'' ison the firstother Globalhand Linkmay promotionbe toobtained arrivestarting inAug. the4. internationalThe marketPromotions beforefor itsboth Japaneseskins end on Sept. 15, release2011. }}
[[File:PWCAudino C-Gear skin 2.png|150px|right|thumb|TheEarful PokémonAudino World Championships C-Gear skin, with Pikachu riding a skateboard]]
A new {{bp|C-Gear}} skin based on this year's[[File:2011 Pokémon World Championships hasC-Gear been made available on the Global Link websiteskin. This is the first time a {{bppng|Pokémon Global Linkthumb|Global Link}} {{bp|List of2011 Pokémon GlobalWorld LinkChampionships promotions|promotion}} was released internationally before it was released in]]
TheTwo passwordnew to{{bp|C-Gear}} obtain{{bp|List thisof skin is "WorldsCGear", as revealed by thePokémon Global Link website.promotions#C-Gear Theskins|skins}} skinhave isrecently availablebeen frommade todayavailable toon September{{bp|Pokémon 15,Global 2011. The 2011 World Championships are being contested in San Diego, Ca., on August 12-14Link}}.
Beginning Aug. 3, fans may participate in the Promotion for the skin Earful Audino ♪. The skin is very much similar to the skin featuring {{p|Audino}} that was made available in Japan. However, the text {{bp|Pokémon Center}} has been omitted on this international version. Moreover, reports claim that the skin is currently only available to fans who access Global Link with a North American version of {{game|Black and White|s}}.
The password for this skin, '''YAHOOAUDINO''', is currently available on [ Yahoo! Kids].
The second skin, available beginning Aug. 4, features artwork from this year's Pokémon World Championships This is the first Global Link Promotion to be released internationally before being released in Japan. The password for the skin 2011 Pokémon World Championships, '''WorldsCGear''', is currently found on the [ World Championships website].
Both C-Gear skins will be available until Sept. 15, 2011. The 2011 World Championships will be held in San Diego, CA from Aug. 12 to 14.
* [ Pokémon Global Link website]