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In a seven-day marathon, gaming communiutycommunity Respawn Point achieved their objective of catching every Pokémon, and in the process earned $2,333.33 in donations for Child's Play, a charity that provides toys and video games for sick children.
The catching was streamed 24 hours a day, along with playthroughs of older games such as {{bp|Pokémon Yellow Version|Pokémon Yellow}}, and side games like {{bp|Pokémon Rumble}} and {{bp|Pokémon Snap}}. Numerous prizes were raffled off to donators, including a Pokémon-themed {{bp|Nintendo DSi}} with the final {{bp|Pokémon Black Version|Pokémon Black}} cartridge containing all of the caught Pokémon. Over 100 people contributed to the final amount raised, which surpassed the original target of $1,500 and the revised target of $2,000.