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Pokémon Rumble Blast gets European release in December

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blurb=Official NintnendoNintendo Magazine announceshas announced that Pokémon Rumble Blast will be gettingreleased ain Europeanthe releaseUK sometimeand inEurope this December. Perhaps surprisingly, andthe game will be gettingknown ain Europeanthe titleUK closewith a name different to theits JapaneseUS onerelease. }}
[[File:Super Pokemon Scramble Boxart JP boxart.png|150px|right|thumb|Japanese boxart for Pokémon Rumble Blast]]
Today, an announcement was made on the Official Nintendo Magazine UK that {{bp|Pokémon Rumble Blast}} will be getting a European release this December, thought under the title '''Super Pokémon Rumble''' (pretty close to the game's original Japanese: title (スーパーポケモンスクランブル, ''Super Pokemon Scramble'')) will be getting a European release this December. A specific date has not yet been announced.
For this release, the game will be known under a new name: '''Super Pokémon Rumble'''. This is closer to the original Japanese title than the US localization. The reasons for the renaming remain unknown.
The US version releases on October 24. The game has been available in Japan since last Thursday.
* [ Super Pokémon Rumble Coming to UK]
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