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blurb=As you shuffle through the forums, do you ever look at others’ signatures? If so, you’ve probably noticed a row of Pokémon demanding you to click them under someone’s post. Chances are that that user is a player of GPX+, a somewhat popular Pokémon-themed adoptables site.
I’m usually not very keen on games that reside entirely online. GPX+ has however managed to keep me clicking for four months already, without an end to be seen. As said, just visiting daily is enough for playing, while you won’t run out of things to do even after months of consecutive active play. Most players are friendly and there is very little drama in air. The only downside I could think of is the general negative atmosphere on their Suggestions forum, where many ideas are torpedoed by others because they don’t see them as useful (and many others are left without a single comment from the administration). But that doesn’t make the game itself any worse – actually, the staff is probably preparing you far more interesting new features you couldn’t even think of. [ So, if you got at least a bit interested, go on and try it out!]
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