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Channel 10 will be airing the latest series in the Pokémon anime from September 10th in Australia. One episode in the Pokémon Black & White will air every Saturday at 7:30am continuing on from the Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors series which concludes this Saturday. Starting last Friday, Channel 10 has also begun airing the older Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimensions series Monday to Friday at 7:30am.
Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors will now begin airing on Cartoon Network in Australia from Saturday September 10th at 2pm. We are not sure how often Cartoon Network will be showing the conclusion to Ash’s adventures in Sinnoh but at least one episode will air each Saturday afternoon.
TVNS in New Zeland will be also airing Pokemon Black & White From The 10th of September
On Monday-Friday They Will Show Pokemon DP: Sinnoh Leauge Victors Repets