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Pokémon Center to open in Sendai

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{{bp|The Pokémon Company}} announced on Saturday that they will be opening a "{{bp|Pokémon Center (Store)|Pokemon Center}}" store in the earthquake-hit Sendai City this winter. The new store will be the first of its kind in the Tohoku region (the northeastern part of Japan's main island that was devastated by the earthquake earlier this year). The store will be located in the Aer Skyscraper; the tallest building in the region. According to creators, the goal of the new store is to create a place for all children in the region to come together and smile.
The store is being established as part of the "POKEMON with YOU" disaster support initiative with the aim of supporting and bringing children together in the hardest hit area. Other activies of this initiative include organising children's events and helping raise funds for children still coping with the tragedy.
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