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Bulbagraphic:Translating the Blog Entries of Mr. Shudo

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The translated entries start off with Mr. Shudo talking about how he created the personalities for all the main characters. He wanted Pokémon to appeal to adults as well as children, so he made the rocket trio more complex so they would entertain the older viewers. He created the Rocket-Dan so Pokémon could be an anime the family could enjoy, not just a children's anime.
[[File:Team rocket anime.png|left|thumb|Jessie, James and Meowth in their white uniforms, one of Mr. Shudo's favorite aspects of the series.]]
Unfortunately, with television at the end of the day being a business, he was not able to completely convey the show he wanted. He refers to man called "Omae-sama" who he seemed to constantly have disagreements with on how the show should run, namely with the Rocket-Dan. It was easier for the writers to have the anime have a formulaic format with them "blasting off" at the end of the day, rather than come up with more original ideas.