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At first glance, you may think the Bulbagarden staff structure is deceptively simpler than it actually is. Well-known among forum-goers, Moderators, Super Moderators, and Administrators are the leaders of the forum, regulating discussion and keeping the peace in the forums. Among these day-to-day duties, Bulbagarden Staff also are involvedininvolved in many more complex endeavors.
Bulbagarden is run by more than 100 staff members that partake in the organization, maintenance, and moderation of the various sections; these include — but are not limited to — {{bp|Bulbanews}}, {{bp|Bulbapedia}}, and the Bulbagarden Forums.
Archaic is Bulbagarden’s webmaster, and served as an administrator on the original Bulbagarden.com, which was owned and maintained by Chris Kaleiki, known as Bulbasaur during his time as Bulbagarden’s webmaster. Bulbagarden.com collapsed due to server issues in early 2001, after Kaleiki moved on from the fandom. Archaic adopted the Bulbagarden name and structure, and on January 1, 2003, Bulbagarden was reopened to the public. Today, Archaic remains Bulbagarden’s dedicated webmaster.