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Another racial controversy spread through the Pokémon fandom like wildfire in mid-2010, concerning the design of Lenora (Aloe in Japan), the series' first black Gym Leader. The controversy centered around the apron Lenora wears, which some felt made the character resemble the "Mammy" archetype, a racial stereotype of African-Americans that depicts a black woman as an obedient domestic servant, often of middle age and overweight. Flame wars concerning the topic quickly erupted, and got so bad that for a while, the Bulbagarden forums banned discussion of it.
No formal complaints were made regarding {{bp|Lenora}}'s appearance, but when the anime episode "''{{bp|BW014|A Night In Nacrene City Museum!}}''" aired in its dubbed form, The Pokémon Company International decided that it was better to be safe than sorry and edited Lenora's apron out.
Most Pokémon controversy cropped up when the series was at its peak in the 1990s, but as long as the series continues, it is certain that more will crop up. Only time will tell what these controversies will be, and how the fandom and public alike will deal with them. One thing's for sure: humans can find offense in almost everything, and for better or worse, the Pokémon series seems a lightning rod for controversy.