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Bulbagraphic:Going Gray: A Look Forward in Generation V

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The highly speculated-on third version to Pokémon Black And White is a frequent topic of discussion on all the big Pokémon forums. Many people are guessing what its name will be: Cobalt, Spectrum, even Pokémon Pink has been suggested! However after reasoning most people are unanimous that the name of the next game will be Pokémon Gray, to tie in with the colour pattern of this generation.
What will Gray hold for us? Many want it to be less of a third version and more of a sequel, as at the end of Black and White it is clearly shown that N flies away with his respective legendary dragon and that Ghetsis has escaped along with the Shadow Triad. Kyurem’s seeming lack of prominence in the plotline also begs to wonder if he’ll be an important factor in the new game, possibly acting like a Rayquaza or Giratina from past games. Much speculation is also centred on whether he is in fact the hollow husk and leftovers of the ancient dragon that ReshiremReshiram and Zekrom once split from, or even perhaps the withered form of the ‘Great King’ referred to in the Abyssal Ruins. How the Musketeer Quadrant and the Genies fit into this also hasn’t been particularly exploited, and we have no hints as to how they’ll fit into the storyline. All of this leaves a new game very open with a lot of room to change things up from the norm.
Surprisingly, speculation on Ruby and Sapphire remakes is almost as big as a sequel to Black and White. Older fans are arguing whether it should be a sequel to the original games or a remake, and the newer crowd are looking forward to some interesting gameplay and access to some Hoenn Pokémon! Nonetheless there are many theories and wants by fans flying around, and unsurprisingly as these games were some of Pokémon’s most revolutionary! The introduction of a redefined IV system, the introduction of Natures and Abilities, and even those darned Contests and Double Battles which you learned to love; all improvements from their Gold/Silver/Crystal predecessors.